Your guests will love the souvenirs that's unique, personalized, and something that they can use!


  • Nadylane & Mark Gregory Wedding

    Combination of Alcohol Holder and iPod Purse. Perfect choice for color combining gray, mint green, green, and light touch of pale maroon.

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  • John and Rosette Wedding

    The elegance of gray, skyblue, mustard, and rust brown. Didn't expect these color combination would look so good! License/Card Holder is a must item to be organized

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  • Tin and Ken Wedding

    The perfection of lightness that resonates well with the wedding theme!

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  • Jan and Canyl Wedding

    You can never go wrong with a Card/Cash Wallet and a Luggage Tag Combination! Not to mention the perfect color combination of Green, Rust Brown, and Beige!

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  • Kevin and Vanessa Wedding

    Our couple made sure their guests won't lose or crample their facemask by giving away these leather facemask necklace! Personalized with beautiful colors of Pink, Brown and Navy Blue!

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